Intermediate flange flaps

flanged flaps


> Diameter (DN) <

DN 63 – 3000

> Installation type <

Intermediate flange flap

> DIN <

24154 T2R2/R4

> Operating temperatures <

up to +1100°C

The air butterfly valve LDK-1 is clamped between flanges according to DIN 24154 T2R2/R4 in pipelines. This butterfly valve is characterized by its compact and lightweight design and is used for differential pressures up to max. 100 mbar is used. Depending on the application (temperature, medium), we manufacture this valve from any material available on the market.

The mounting position of the damper is standard with horizontal shaft, but can be customized on request.

Diameter (DN)DN 63 – 3000
Installation typeIntermediate flange flap
Connection dimensions24154 T2R2/R4
Operating temperatures+1100°C
Actuation types
  • With free shaft end
  • Manual adjustment via ratchet handle
  • Continuous fine adjustment
  • Manual gearbox
  • Mounting kit according to DIN ISO 5211 with corresponding shaft adaption
  • Attached drive (pneumatic, electric, hydraulic)
Closure types and tightnesses
Resounding1% from Kv 90
with stop bar in housing0.5% from Kv 90°.
with stop bar and sealing insert0.05% of Kv 90°
Column 1 Value 10Column 2 Value 10
JASTA Armaturen

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